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06.06.2011 — 06.06.2011

Selling Services instead of Barrels
Workshop: "Chemical Leasing –  Example for resource and material efficiency" (Berlin, Germany)

“Chemical Leasing” is an innovative way of chemical management based on resource efficiency as well as on precaution. Profits do not result from the quantity of chemicals sold, but rather from the services rendered by means of chemicals.

Usually, chemicals are sold to customers who take them to fulfill certain functions. Suppliers have a clear economic interest in increasing the amount of chemicals sold. Their profits increase if they sell chemicals at higher prices or to larger amounts. Therefore, a main focus is often set on higher sales volumes because higher prices are difficult to be achieved due international competition. In many cases this is related to problematic releases to the environment and to negative consequence for the future availability of resources.

In a Chemical Leasing business model the chemical supplier is paid for the service provided by the chemicals and not for the amount of chemicals delivered. Using its know-how regarding the substance the chemical supplier will try to make the chemical application as efficient as possible. Efficiency not only depends on the chemical but also on the production process.

On one hand, an optimized production process adjusted to the specific chemical reduces the amount of a chemical needed. On the other hand, additional savings like reduced energy consumption can be realized. Both partners, the user and the supplier, are motivated to find a common solution for optimizing the process.

Since 1994 the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has been operating the cleaner Production programme. The goal of this programme is to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in developing countries and countries with economies in transition to improve their productivity while preventing unfavorable impacts on the environment. Chemical Leasing is an innovative concept that responds to an element of UNIDO´s Cleaner Production strategy. It is a novel service-based business model that supports sustainable chemicals management and achieves the objectives of the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM). Chemical Leasing provides practical solutions for industry to become more efficient. At the same time it reduces the unnecessary consumption of hazardous chemicals and protects human health and the environment. This presents an integrated preventive strategy and a clear win-win situation for industry and the environment.

During the workshop “Chemical Leasing - Example for resource and material efficiency” basics on Chemical Leasing (practice, synergism in legislation, sustainability criteria) will be explained and concrete projects presented and discussed by experts. Additionally, international and company activities addressing this business model are presented in an afternoon poster session.

Furthermore the workshop will cover the important connection of the new EU´s chemicals policy, REACH, and Chemical Leasing.

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