the way to cleaner production

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IST-Anlagenbau GmbH provides with its WENDE WOLF a solar drying technology for sewage sludge which moves and aerates up to 400 m³/h of sludge with high energy efficiency and low operating costs.
The methodology of the Initial Review of Innovation Opportunities for Sustainable Consumption and Production (IR SCP) was developed for assistance to industrial enterprises in order to indicate company potentials for sustainable consumption and production. 
Monitoring and Targeting (M&T) is originally an energy saving method first developed in the UK which helps companies to achieve and maintain efficiency improvements through the detailed analysis of their metered energy and/or material consumption data. Consumption data are analyzed with related factors influencing energy and/or material consumption. This enables the identification, implementation and maintenance of cleaner production measures.

Target group: Owners, Company energy managers
Company production optimization

The ANANOX process (Anaerobic Anoxic OXic) is a patented two stage biological process. In the first stage, operating in anaerobic conditions, a three series chamber ABR (Anaerobic Baffled Reactor) is used, while in the second stage, an aerobic activated sludge with a settler is used.

In the DEPHANOX system (ANOXic DEPHosphation) the contemporary removal of phosphorus and nitrogen from wastewater take place using a modified activated sludge with nitrification and denitrification biological process where the organic substrate is better distributed in the different phases of the process.


A simulation of energy and material flows identified ways of saving energy.The measures can be implemented without any investment.

Final Conference

13 - 14 October 2011, Berlin

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This project is implemented through the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme
co-financed by the ERDF.

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